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September 14, 2008


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Lawrence Tate

I got two or three letters from DeLillo just after Y2K, but keep them in a box (with Xmas cards from my dead grandparents, clippings about Blanchot and NRBQ, letters from my old schools concerning academic probation, etc) rather than on my kitchen cabinets. Not that I don't cherish 'em, y'know.

He was very helpful concerning what I was writing him about and I had the feeling he would have been happy to answer another letter but I felt if I wrote him again it should be about Something Important so I didn't get around to it. I had the same kind of feeling when I was tossing the occasional email back and forth with Bob Gottlieb a few years later.

Fun Great Jones Street fact: It's Keanu Reeves' dream project. He's come very close to filming it once or twice but the financing fell through. If you find that hard to believe just Google the book's title and "keanu."

Almost-as-fun fact: Jay McInerney's "Story Of My Life" is Reese Witherspoon's dream project. McInerney gave an interview around '02 in which he said the actress contacted him in the '90s and told him she was dying to play Alison Poole (ie, Lisa Druck aka Rielle Hunter). She optioned the book, renewed it a few more times. When she came to him to renew it one more time he told her to forget it unless she wanted to buy it outright. Which she did. She'd be too old for the part now, though.

Re the post below about Larry McMurtry's books: Charles Everitt's book from the early 1950s, "Adventures Of A Treasure Hunter," is the one volume about book collecting I've ever read that is something other than a surefire cure for insomnia. Though it is more about book dealing than collecting per se. It was reissued a few years ago and I think is still in print, though Abebooks has a fair number of copies.

Lawrence Tate

And about DFW: outstanding as a writer and a person. Peace be unto him now and always.

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I don’t have anything else to include on to your article – you basically spelled everything out. great read.

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Yeah but david foster had a big impact on his life...so there you go ! :)


I hope you guys are not arguing because everybody knows those two were "meant for each other" they did a great job together.


I loved Don DeLillo's postmodernistic work..


Merci, it is a good post, will keep reading!

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Donna I so agree with you...that was his biggest work !


The last time I saw Wallace in local community was at an event in San Francisco in 2003 or thereabouts with Rick Moody.

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